Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 240: Intro to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Quarter Offered

Spring : Sec 20 MWF 10:00-10:50pm SYNCHRONOUS- Sec 21 MWF 2:00-2:50 ; K. Ehmann


MAT SCI 201 & CIV ENG 216


Strategies and methods of designing, manufacturing, and testing of mechanical products. Engineering drawing and CAD, design methods, material properties, failure modes, selection methodology, fundamental GD&T, and selected manufacturing processes.

Who Takes It

ME 240 is a required course for mechanical engineering students. This course is the first course of 3-course series that includes ME 340: Computer Integrated Manufacturing and ME 315 Theory of Machines - Design of Elements.

What It's About

For many students, this course is one of their first professional engineering courses. As distinguished from background courses in science and mathematics, professional engineering is concerned with obtaining solutions to practical problems.


This course meets three times per week for 50-minute lectures.


screwWeekly three-hour lab exercises. Lab sections will be assigned by the end of first week. The final project will be a design competition. Prize will be given to the top group, which yields the highest performance index in testing their prototypes.


  • Design process
  • Engineering drawing
  • Tolerances Limits and fits
  • GD&T
  • Material types and properties
  • Material selection
  • Design for X (Strength, Rigidity)
  • Competing failure modes
  • Manufacturing processes


Electronic handouts provided through Canvas.


Homework, Labs, Quizzes, Project Presentation

Advanced study

Students interested in mechanical design can take the following courses:
  • ME 315 Theory of machines - design of elements
  • ME 340-1, 2, 3 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 1, 2, 3
  • ME 346 Introduction to Tribology
  • ME 398 Engineering Design


Professor: Kornel Ehmann