Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 340-2: Computer Integrated Manufacturing II: CAD/CAM



ME 340-1, MatSci 201, CivEng 216


molded itemsGeometric modeling, dimensioning systems, tolerances, design for manufacture, programming of machine tools. Team problem solving in a design and manufacturing technology environment.

What It's About

ME 340-2 is the cumulative manufacturing course in Mechanical Engineering focusing on the post-design aspects of product development. This course follows the path of a plastic component intended for mass production through the injection molding process, with focus on the optimization of the part & process for large scale manufacturing. This course will cover: Design for manufacturing and injection molding, NX CAD design and CAM programming, Polymer manufacturing, Statistical quality control, CAD principals, Geometric dimensioning and tolerances - with applications to total system tolerances, and manufacturing systems.

Students will follow a complete product development process, by designing a part via sketches and NX CAD, develop manufacturing programs in NX CAM, optimize their parts for injection molding, and manufacture their molds using a CNC machining center. Students will then use an injection molding machine to conduct a manufacturing run of their parts, and participate in a competition to select the best designed part.

Who Takes It

moldAny student who is interested in solid modeling and wants to have some practical experiences in the "from art to part" process should take this course. ME 340-2 is usually taken by juniors to graduate students majoring in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and industrial engineering.

Course packet available in class 

Advanced Study

ME 340-3 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing