Areas of Research

Ceramic materials have unique properties and applications owing to their bond strengths, crystal structures, and band structures. They find use as structural materials in thermochemically demanding environments, but they also have unique electrical, optical, and magnetic functionalities.

Northwestern faculty are involved in world-class research on advanced ceramics, from processing to micro/nanostructure to characterization (e.g., mechanical, electrical, optical, and magnetic), and devices.

Research Areas

Specific research areas pursued in the department include:

  • Thermal and environmental barrier coatings
  • Gel casting
  • Cellular ceramics
  • Solid oxide fuel cell materials
  • Oxide ferroelectrics
  • Oxide multiferroics
  • Nanolithography
  • Ceramic thin films and multilayers
  • Ceramic phase diagrams
  • Transparent conducting oxides
  • Transparent oxide semiconductors