Faculty Directory
Jennifer Fowlie

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (beginning on September 1, 2024)


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Materials Science and Engineering




Ph.D Physics, Department of Quantum Matter Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

M.Phys Physics, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Research Interests

Jennifer’s research sits at the intersection of materials science and quantum matter physics. Leveraging the rich properties of transition metal oxide compounds, she is interested in engineering advanced materials synthesis to enable discovery of new physics. Harnessing the power of nanometric epitaxial heterostructures, soft chemistry and novel probes of fundamental phenomena – magnetic, electronic, nuclear and optical – Jennifer’s lab has an opportunity to gain a unique insight into the complex properties of quantum matter.

Significant Recognition

  • UK IOP Emerging Leader In Condensed Matter Physics (2022)
  • Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship (2020)
  • Springer PhD Thesis Prize (2018)
  • Subside Tremplin Prize (2018)

Selected Publications

Metal-insulator transition in composition-tuned nickel oxide films, J. Fowlie, A. B. Georgescu, A. Suter, B. Mundet, C. Toulouse, N. Jaouen, M. Viret, C. Dominguez, M. Gibert, Z. Salman, T. Prokscha, D. T. L. Alexander, J. Kreisel, A. Georges, A. J. Millis and J.-M. Triscone, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 35, 304001 (2023)

Intrinsic magnetism in superconducting infinite-layer nickelates, J. Fowlie, M. Hadjimichael, M. M. Martins, D. Li, M. Osada, B.-Y. Wang, K. Lee, Y. Lee, Z. Salman, T. Prokscha, J.-M. Triscone, H. Y. Hwang and A. Suter, Nature Physics 18, (2022)

Crossover between distinct symmetries in solid solutions of rare earth nickelatesJ.Fowlie, B. Mundet, C. Toulouse, A. Schober, M. Guennou, C. Dominguez, M. Gibert, D. T. L. Alexander, J. Kreisel and J.-M. Triscone, APL Materials 9 (2021)