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Dow Lecture

The Dow Lecture is sponsored by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and generously supported by the Dow Chemical Company.

Previous Speakers

Andrea Liu, University of Pennsylvania
 "Exploiting the Malleability of Disorder to Design Functional Materials" 
November 5, 2019

Lane Martin, University of California Berkeley
"Emergent Phenomena in Ferroic Complex Oxide Thin Films"
November 20, 2018

Ke Lu, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
"Stability of Gradient Nano-grained Structures in Metals"
April 24, 2018

Paula Hammond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
"Nanolayered Drug Release Systems for Regenerative Medicine and Targeted Nanotherapies"
May 2, 2017

David Srolovitz, University of Pennsylvania
“Grain-Boundary Metastability and its Statistical Properties”
May 3, 2016

Craig Hawker, University of California Santa Barbara
"Solid-State Materials at the Atomic Scale"
May 26, 2015

Jennifer Lewis, Harvard University
"3D Printing of Functional and Biological Materials"
May 20, 2014

Karen I. Winey, University of Pennsylvania
"Electrical Properties in Polymer Nanocomposites" 
Feb. 26, 2013

Anil Virkar, University of Utah
"Transport-Induced Instability in Electrochemical Devices: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Electrolyzers"
Feb. 21, 2012

Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Nanogenerator for Self-powering Nanosystems and Piezotronics for MEMS"
Feb. 15, 2011

Joseph DeSimone, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
"Top-down Nano-fabrication Technologies for the Production of Uniform, Shape-Specific Carriers for Vaccines, Biologics and Small Molecule Drugs"
Mar. 30, 2010

Angus Rockett, UIUC
"Photovoltaic Solar Energy – Status, Challenges, and the Future"
Oct. 14, 2008

Sumio Iijima, Meijo University and NEC Corporation JAPAN
"Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Modification and Characterizations"
Jan. 22, 2008

Robert Ritchie, UC Berkeley
"Aging and Disease and the Fracture of Bone: An Issue of Quality vs. Quantity"
Feb. 20, 2007

David A. Muller, Cornell University
"From Aircraft to Microchips: When Science Meets Technology at the Atomic Scale"
Feb 28, 2006

Sossina Haile, CalTech
"The Science and Technology of Oxyanion Based Superprotonic Conductors"
Mar. 1, 2005

Juan de Pablo, University of Wisconsin
"Glassy Materials for Storage of Biological Systems in Low Moisture Environments: A Molecular-Level Perspective"
May 5, 2004

Stephen Mann, University of Bristol, UK
"Biomimetic Synthesis and Self-assembly of Nanoparticle Arrays and Nanostructured Materials"
Apr. 8, 2003

Andrew Lovinger, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
"Electroactive Polymeric and Organic Materials for Thin-Film Transistor Applications"
Apr. 3, 2001