Graduate Study
Financial Aid

MS Funding

There is no funding available for master's students in materials science and engineering.

PhD Funding

Virtually all full-time PhD students in materials science and engineering making normal progress toward the degree objective secure a research assistantship, fellowship, or teaching assistantship that provides a stipend and payment of full tuition.

Research Assistantships & Fellowships

Research assistantships are funded by grants or contracts directed by individual professors. Fellowships may be from University, government, or industrial sources; teaching assistantships are normally temporary assignments from the University.

The stipend level is subject to annual adjustment for cost-of-living changes. The monthly stipend level is increased for students the first quarter after they qualify. Fellowships with larger stipends are available for those with advanced standing or special qualifications. Externally funded fellowships are often supplemented.

Research assistants and fellows serve as part-time department teaching assistants, for which they receive additional remuneration. Funds may also be obtained through low-interest loans from the University or elsewhere. Veterans’ benefits may be received simultaneously with other aid.

For information about the Weertman Fellowship, please click here.