Research Faculty

Photo of Keith Alvares

Keith Alvares

Research Associate Professor
Phone: 847-467-4780
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Photo of Reiner Bleher

Reiner Bleher

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-467-3540
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Photo of E.Begum Gulsoy

E.Begum Gulsoy

Research Associate Professor & Associate Director (CHIMAD)
Phone: 847-467-1812
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Photo of Xiaobing Hu

Xiaobing Hu

NUANCE - TEM Facility Manager & Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-467-4992
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Photo of Dieter Isheim

Dieter Isheim

Research Associate Professor & NUCAPT Manager
Phone: 847-491-3575
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Photo of Felipe Jimenez-Angeles

Felipe Jimenez-Angeles

Research Associate Professor (CCTSM)
Phone: 847-467-2130
Office: Cook Hall 4017
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Photo of Denis Keane

Denis Keane

Research Professor & Northwestern Synchrotron Research Center - DND CAT
Phone: 630-252-0224
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Photo of Sumit Kewalramani

Sumit Kewalramani

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-491-7677
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Photo of Danilo Puggioni

Danilo Puggioni

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-467-6925
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Photo of Roberto dos Reis

Roberto dos Reis

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-491-7794
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Photo of Vinod Sangwan

Vinod Sangwan

Research Associate Professor
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Photo of Gajendra Shekhawat

Gajendra Shekhawat

Research Professor
Phone: 847-491-3204
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Photo of Paul Smeets

Paul Smeets

NUANCE Research Assistant Professor, EPIC Facility Manager
Phone: 847-491-7807
Office: Tech AG96
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