Photo of Alice Camacho

Alice Camacho

Business Administrator
Phone: 847-491-3587
Office: Cook 2043
Email Alice
  • Oversees departmental financial operations 
  • Manages administrative staff and HR-related matters for the department 
  • Administers department space and coordinates major facility requests 
  • McCormick Mental Health Ally
Photo of Sharlene Andrewin

Sharlene Andrewin

Manager of Research Administration
Phone: 847-491-4309
Office: Cook 2051
Email Sharlene
  • Manages MSE Research Administration Team
  • Manages pre-award and post-award activities for the following MSE faculty: Bedzyk, Haile, Marks
  • Department Level 2 Approver 
Photo of Lizette Aparicio

Lizette Aparicio

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-7785
Office: Cook 2036
Email Lizette
  • Manages payroll for graduate, temps, and work-study students 
  • Reconciles payroll transactions
  • Department Level 1 Approver
Photo of Sarah Jane Baker

Sarah Jane Baker

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 847-491-7785
Office: Cook 2036
Email Sarah Jane
  • Supports MSE Chair
  • Assists the MSE Advisory Board
  • Facilitates faculty appointments and hiring
Photo of Shirley Bar-Meir

Shirley Bar-Meir

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-7819
Office: Cook 2036
Email Shirley
  • Manages MSE non-sponsored accounts 
  • Manages payroll for postdocs and visiting scholars 
  • Department Level 1 Approver 
Photo of Stephanie Contreras

Stephanie Contreras

Accounting Specialist
Email Stephanie
  • Manages expense reimbursements for MSE
Photo of Melissa  Koelling

Melissa Koelling

Program Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-3002
Office: Cook 1127
Email Melissa
  • Administrative & academic support for Prof. Stupp & Stupp Research Group 
Photo of Minyone (Mimi) Givens

Minyone (Mimi) Givens

Program Assistant
Phone: 847-491-3537
Office: Cook 2036
Email Minyone (Mimi)
  • Oversees key distribution (key assignments, returns, and deposit reimbursements)
  • Facilitates Wildcard access requests and printer registration
  • Assists with general office management, including appointments, and mail
  • Provides event and administrative support to MSE community
Photo of Shweta Khatri

Shweta Khatri

Senior Research Administrator
Phone: 847-467-1455
Office: Cook 2051
Email Shweta
  • Manages pre-award and post-award activities for the following MSE faculty: Barnett, Dravid, Dunand, Isheim, Shekhawat, Snyder, Wolverton
  • Department Level 2 Approver 
Photo of Elena  Lindstrom

Elena Lindstrom

Program Coordinator Senior
Phone: 847-491-5007
Office: Cook 2036
Email Elena
  • Manages MSE's Academic and Outreach Team
  • Organizes department seminars and events
  • Department Level 1 Back-up Approver 
Photo of Denise Lukaszow

Denise Lukaszow

Research Administrator
Phone: 847-491-3213
Office: Cook 2049
Email Denise
  • Manages pre-award and post-award activities for the following MSE faculty: Luijten, Petford-Long, McCue, Shull, Truby, Voorhees, Contractor (IEMS PI)
  • Department Level 2 Approver
Photo of Gail Madete

Gail Madete

Research Administrator
Phone: 847-467-4541
Office: Cook 2049
Email Gail
  • Manages pre-award and post-award activities for the following MSE faculty: Alvares, Chung, Joester, Lauhon, Olvera, Stair, Seidman, Hersam, Rondinelli
  • Department Level 2 Approver 
Photo of Michele  McManmon

Michele McManmon

Accounting Specialist
Phone: 847-467-0956
Office: Cook 2036
Email Michele
  • Manages purchasing for all research groups 
  • Processes invoice payments 
Photo of Hannah Oh

Hannah Oh

Student Employee
Office: Cook 2036
Email Hannah
  • Assists with website updates
  • Packing slip organization
  • Department mail
  • Other projects
Photo of Murphy Sharp

Murphy Sharp

Grad Program Assistant
Office: Cook 2036
Email Murphy
  • Manages graduate applications, admissions and recruitment
  • Primary contact for graduate student affairs, including:
    • Registration and enrollment (e.g. permission numbers) 
    • Textbook ordering 
    • Quarterly class schedules 
  • Provides assistance with fellowships 
Photo of Boe Welter

Boe Welter

Financial Administrator
Phone: 847-467-7320
Office: Cook 2036
Email Boe
  • Manages MSE's Financial Team 
  • Department Level 2 Approver 
Photo of Magda Wisniewska

Magda Wisniewska

Associate Research Administrator
Phone: 847-491-3533
Office: Cook 2049
Email Magda
  • Manages pre-award and post-award activities for MSE faculty
  • Department Level 2 Approver 
Photo of Rex Yang

Rex Yang

Program Assistant
Phone: 847-491-7817
Office: Silverman 4617
Email Rex
  • Administrative & academic support for Profs. Olvera & Kelleher (Chemistry)