Areas of Research
Magnetic Materials

Magnetic materials are important in a wide range of technological applications, from motors to medical imaging to information storage.

Argonne Partnership

In partnership with Argonne National Laboratory, researchers are leading the world in developing unique electron microscopy facilities to image magnetic domain behavior and to probe magneto-transport properties at the nanometer scale.

The Advanced Photon Source at Argonne provides researchers a world-class synchrotron facility for cutting-edge investigations of thin film structure, composition, and magnetic properties, and Northwestern facilities enable a range of magnetic, magneto-optical, and transport characterization measurements.

Novel Materials Development

Novel materials development efforts at Northwestern include:

  • Magnetic semiconductors and magnetic tunnel junctions 
for spintronic device applications
  • Magnetic semiconductor nanowires
  • Multiferroic oxides for multifunctional devices

For all applications, the interplay between microstructure and properties is critical.