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David Dunand

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


2220 Campus Drive
Cook Hall 1129
Evanston, IL 60208

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Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph.D. Metallurgy, MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.S., M.S. Materials Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests

Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Multiphase Metallic Materials. My research focuses on metallic alloys, composites, and foams, with particular emphasis on measuring and modeling their mechanical properties. Three main families of materials are being investigated: (1) Dispersion-strengthened metals: aluminum with Al3X (X=Sc, Ti, Zr, Li, rare-earth elements) nano-size precipitates, for energy-efficient transportation, nickel and cobalt-base superalloys with L12 precipitates, and iron-base ferritic superalloys with B2 precipitates. (2) Metallic foams: Foams based on titanium (Ti, Ti-6Al-4V) and nickel for aerospace or implant implications; Foams from shape-memory alloys (Ni-Ti and Ni-Mn-Ga) for biomedical implants or actuators; Freeze cast Cu-, Co-, Fe-, W- and Ni- foams for electrodes in energy applications; 3D printed metallic scaffolds using ink precursors or selective laser melting. An additional area of study is the use of synchrotron X-ray radiation to study strains, phase composition and tomography in battery materials, structural composites, archeological alloys, selective laser melting and biomineralized materials (bone and tooth).

Significant Recognition

  • TMS Fellow, 2012
  • Minerals Metals and Materials Society Structural Materials Division Distinguished Scientist/Engineering Award, 2008
  • Fellow, ASM International, 2007
  • Department Teacher of the Year, 1998

Significant Professional Service

  • Co-founder, NanoAI, LLC (acquired by Braidy Industries, 2018)
  • Co-Director, Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) 2008-2015
  • James and Margie Krebs Professorship, 2005-2016
  • Visiting professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), spring 2000

Selected Publications

  • Shu, Shipeng; De Luca, Anthony; Seidman, David N.; Dunand, David C., Effects of Mn and Mo Micro-additions on Al–Zr–Sc–Er–Si Mechanical Properties, Light Metals 2020
  • Lloreda-Jurado, P. J.; Wilke, S. K.; Scotti, K.; Paúl-Escolano, A.; Dunand, D. C.; Sepúlveda, R., Structure-processing relationships of freeze-cast iron foams fabricated with various solidification rates and post-casting heat treatment, Journal of Materials Research
  • Cann, Jaclyn L.; De Luca, Anthony; Dunand, David C.; Dye, David; Miracle, Daniel B.; Oh, Hyun Seok; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Pollock, Tresa M.; Poole, Warren J.; Yang, Rui; Tasan, C. Cem, Sustainability through alloy design, Progress in Materials Science
  • Chung, Ding Wen; Ng, Daniel S.; Dunand, David C., Influence of γ′-raft orientation on creep resistance of monocrystalline Co-based superalloys, Materialia
  • Chung, Ding Wen; Toinin, Jacques P.; Lass, Eric A.; Seidman, David N.; Dunand, David C., Effects of Cr on the properties of multicomponent cobalt-based superalloys with ultra high γ’ volume fraction, Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  • De Luca, Anthony; Seidman, David N.; Dunand, David C., Mn and Mo additions to a dilute Al-Zr-Sc-Er-Si-based alloy to improve creep resistance through solid-solution- and precipitation-strengthening, Acta Materialia
  • Kenel, C.; Davenport, T.; Li, X.; Shah, R. N.; Dunand, D. C., Kinetics of alloy formation and densification in Fe-Ni-Mo microfilaments extruded from oxide- or metal-powder inks, Acta Materialia
  • Wilke, Stephen K.; Dunand, David C., Corrigendum to In operando tomography reveals degradation mechanisms in lamellar iron foams during redox cycling at 800 °C [J. Power Sources. Vol. 448, 1 February 2020, 227463] (Journal of Power Sources (2020) 448, (S0378775319314569), (10.1016/j.jpowsour.2019.227463)), Journal of Power Sources