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Jonathan Rivnay

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-6622Email Jonathan Rivnay




Biomedical Engineering

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Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, College of Engineering, Stanford, CA

M. Sc. Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, College of Engineering, Stanford, CA

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, NY

Research Interests

The Rivnay research group designs and develops new materials and devices to facilitate the seamless integration of sensing/actuation technologies with cells and tissue to enable improvements in diagnosis and therapy. Our research focuses on active materials such as conducting polymers due to their synthetic tunability, soft mechanical properties, demonstrated stability and compatibility with biological tissue, and their ability to take on a broad range of form factors from ultra-thin and flexible, to fibrous or scaffold-like. Importantly, these materials exhibit mixed ionic and electronic conduction, which aids in closing the signaling gap inherent to the bioelectronic interface. We utilize the unique properties of these soft, optoelectronically active materials to bridge the disparate worlds of biological systems and traditional microelectronic and optical tools.

The lab’s ongoing work makes use of electroactive polymers to realize efficient electrophysiological and biomarker-specific sensors, as well as electrical and chemical stimulators. These tools offer localized and less invasive bidirectional interfacing for in vivo applications, and are integral for high throughput, sensitive in vitro lab-on-chip platforms used for toxicology. The design of new organic bioelectronic materials and their devices promises to influence a broad range of applications beyond electrical/chemical sensing and stimulation, including on-demand actuation for surgical and soft robotics, as well as electroactive tissue regeneration.

Significant Recognition

  • Materials Research Society Postdoctoral Award, 2014
  • William E. and Diane M. Spicer Young Investigator Award, 2013
  • Melvin P. Klein Scientific Development Award, 2011
  • Materials Research Society Graduate Student Gold Award, 2011
  • Robert A. Huggins Award, 2010
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, 2009-2011
  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow, 2006-2009

Significant Professional Service

  • Research Scientist, Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Palo Alto, CA
  • Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Bioelectronics, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, Gardanne, France

Selected Publications

  • Paulsen, Bryan D.; Fabiano, Simone; Rivnay, Jonathan, Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport in Polymers, Annual Review of Materials Research 51:73-99.
  • Kim, Youngseok; Noh, Hyebin; Paulsen, Bryan D.; Kim, Jiwoong; Jo, Il Young; Ahn, Hyung Ju; Rivnay, Jonathan; Yoon, Myung Han, Strain-Engineering Induced Anisotropic Crystallite Orientation and Maximized Carrier Mobility for High-Performance Microfiber-Based Organic Bioelectronic Devices, Advanced Materials 33(10).
  • Moser, Maximilian; Savva, Achilleas; Thorley, Karl; Paulsen, Bryan D.; Hidalgo, Tania Cecilia; Ohayon, David; Chen, Hu; Giovannitti, Alexander; Marks, Adam; Gasparini, Nicola; Wadsworth, Andrew; Rivnay, Jonathan; Inal, Sahika; McCulloch, Iain, Polaron Delocalization in Donor–Acceptor Polymers and its Impact on Organic Electrochemical Transistor Performance, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 60(14):7777-7785.
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  • Paulsen, Bryan D.; Wu, Ruiheng; Takacs, Christopher J.; Steinrück, Hans Georg; Strzalka, Joseph; Zhang, Qingteng; Toney, Michael F.; Rivnay, Jonathan, Time-Resolved Structural Kinetics of an Organic Mixed Ionic–Electronic Conductor, Advanced Materials 32(40).
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  • Inal, Sahika; Malliaras, George G.; Rivnay, Jonathan, Optical study of electrochromic moving fronts for the investigation of ion transport in conducting polymers, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4(18):3942-3947.
  • Lee, Wonryung; Kim, Dongmin; Rivnay, Jonathan; Matsuhisa, Naoji; Lonjaret, Thomas; Yokota, Tomoyuki; Yawo, Hiromu; Sekino, Masaki; Malliaras, George G.; Someya, Takao, Integration of Organic Electrochemical and Field-Effect Transistors for Ultraflexible, High Temporal Resolution Electrophysiology Arrays, Advanced Materials 28(44):9722-9728.