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A collaborative environment to solve biomedical challenges


other departments with which we actively collaborate

across five Northwestern schools

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Research Areas

Collaborative research translated into medical practice

Our active collaborations with many other Northwestern Engineering departments as well as the Feinberg School of Medicine, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, and Stellenbosch University allow us to push the boundaries of our interrelated research areas.


Bringing innovations to market

Our department is home to many faculty start-up companies in therapeutics, diagnostics, biological discovery, and instrumentation.

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Top ranked programs to educate the next generation of engineers

Interested in a career in medicine, research, consulting, industry, or academia? Our evidence-based approach to teaching combined with our ability to embed our students in a thriving medical community or local industry provide a uniquely impactful educational experience to prepare you for any career path.

Department News

Cell-free Synthetic Biology Comes of Age

In a review paper published in Nature Reviews Genetics, Professor Michael Jewett explores how cell-free gene expression stands to help the field of synthetic biology dramatically impact society, from the environment to medicine to education.

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