Research Areas
Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering

The Biomaterials Group aims to develop self-assembled, bio-integrated electronic, synthetic, and nanoscale materials for biomedical applications. Research and teaching areas include self-assembled nanostructures, bioelectronics, synthetic biology, bio-membrane dynamics, nanotechnology, controlled drug release, cell-material interactions, immunoengineering and computational analysis of molecular dynamics.

The Regenerative Engineering Group aims to understand the innate mechanisms of cell protection and regeneration and establish engineering strategies for controlling protective and regenerative processes with the ultimate goal of restoring tissue and organ function. Research and teaching areas include genomic analysis, transport biology and engineering, cardiovascular protective engineering, and regenerative engineering.

Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering Faculty

Some faculty specialize in particular research applications within biomaterials and regenerative engineering: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Drug Discovery and Delivery, Global HealthRehabilitation, and Vision and Ophthalmology. See below for faculty involved in each application. 



Drug Discovery and Delivery

Global Health


Vision and Ophthalmology