Faculty Directory
Guillermo A. Ameer

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Professor of Surgery

Daniel Hale Williams Professor

Director, Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech B382
Evanston, IL 60208-3107

847-467-2992Email Guillermo Ameer


Ameer Research Lab

The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering


Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering

Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering (CARE)


Biomedical Engineering


PhD Program in Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences


D.Sc. Chemical Engineering
MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.S Chemical Engineering (Hons)
University of Texas, Austin, TX

Significant Recognition

  • Society for Biomaterials Technology Development Award, 2022
  • Elected member National Academy of Medicine, 2021
  • Society For Biomaterials Clemson Award for Contributions to the Literature, 2021
  • Fellow Materials Research Society, 2021
  • Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019
  • Fellow National Academy of Inventors, 2019
  • Martin E. and Gertrude G. Walder Award for Research Excellence, 2019
  • Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018
  • Awarded “Key to the City” Panama City, Republic of Panama, 2018
  • Fellow American Institute of Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2017
  • Fellow Biomedical Engineering Society, 2014
  • Fellow American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, 2009
  • Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering
  • American Heart Association Established Investigator Award, 2006
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award: Biodegradable elastomeric composite scaffolds for ligament reconstruction, 2006
  • The Chinese Association for Biomaterials Global Biomaterials Leadership Award, 2022

Courses Taught

  • BME343 (Biomaterials and Medical Devices)
  • BME346 (Tissue Engineering): " In vivo molecular, cellular, and organ engineering, with an emphasis on the foundations, techniques, experiments, and clinical applications of tissue engineering"

Selected Publications

  • Burke, Jacqueline A.; Zhang, Xiaomin; Bobbala, Sharan; Frey, Molly A.; Bohorquez Fuentes, Carolina; Freire Haddad, Helena; Allen, Sean D.; Richardson, Reese A.K.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Scott, Evan A., Subcutaneous nanotherapy repurposes the immunosuppressive mechanism of rapamycin to enhance allogeneic islet graft viability, Nature nanotechnology (2022).
  • Zhong, Jiamin; Wang, Hao; Yang, Ke; Wang, Huifeng; Duan, Chongwen; Ni, Na; An, Liqin; Luo, Yetao; Zhao, Piao; Gou, Yannian; Sheng, Shiyan; Shi, Deyao; Chen, Connie; Wagstaff, William; Hendren-Santiago, Bryce; Haydon, Rex C.; Luu, Hue H.; Reid, Russell R.; Ho, Sherwin H.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Shen, Le; He, Tong Chuan; Fan, Jiaming, Reversibly immortalized keratinocytes (iKera) facilitate re-epithelization and skin wound healing, Bioactive Materials (2022).
  • Freire Haddad, Helena; Burke, Jacqueline A.; Scott, Evan A.; Ameer, Guillermo A., Clinical Relevance of Pre-Existing and Treatment-Induced Anti-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Antibodies, Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine (2022).
  • Keate, Rebecca L.; Tropp, Joshua; Collins, Caralyn P.; Ware, Henry Oliver T.; Petty, Anthony J.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Sun, Cheng; Rivnay, Jonathan, 3D-Printed Electroactive Hydrogel Architectures with Sub-100 µm Resolution Promote Myoblast Viability, Macromolecular Bioscience (2022).
  • Choi, Yeon Sik; Hsueh, Yuan Yu; Koo, Jahyun; Yang, Quansan; Avila, Raudel; Hu, Buwei; Xie, Zhaoqian; Lee, Geumbee; Ning, Zheng; Liu, Claire; Xu, Yameng; Lee, Young Joong; Zhao, Weikang; Fang, Jun; Deng, Yujun; Lee, Seung Min; Vázquez-Guardado, Abraham; Stepien, Iwona; Yan, Ying; Song, Joseph W.; Haney, Chad; Oh, Yong Suk; Liu, Wentai; Yun, Hong Joon; Banks, Anthony; MacEwan, Matthew R.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Ray, Wilson Z.; Huang, Yonggang; Xie, Tao; Franz, Colin K.; Li, Song; Rogers, John A., Stretchable, dynamic covalent polymers for soft, long-lived bioresorbable electronic stimulators designed to facilitate neuromuscular regeneration, Nature communications 11(1) (2020).
  • Ameer, Guillermo A., Understanding and Harnessing Variability in Regenerative Engineering, Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine 6(4):429-432 (2020).
  • Coalson, Elam; Bishop, Elliot; Liu, Wei; Feng, Yixiao; Spezia, Mia; Liu, Bo; Shen, Yi; Wu, Di; Du, Scott; Li, Alexander J.; Ye, Zhenyu; Zhao, Ling; Cao, Daigui; Li, Alissa; Hagag, Ofir; Deng, Alison; Liu, Winny; Li, Mingyang; Haydon, Rex C.; Shi, Lewis; Athiviraham, Aravind; Lee, Michael J.; Wolf, Jennifer Moriatis; Ameer, Guillermo A.; He, Tong Chuan; Reid, Russell R., Stem cell therapy for chronic skin wounds in the era of personalized medicine, Genes and Diseases 6(4):342-358 (2019).
  • Alverdy, Alexandria K.; Pakvasa, Mikhail; Zhao, Chen; Mostafa, Sami; Liu, Wei; Luo, Wenping; Wolf, Jennifer M.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; He, Tong Chuan; Reid, Russell R., Imiquimod Acts Synergistically with BMP9 through the Notch Pathway as an Osteoinductive Agent in Vitro, Plastic and reconstructive surgery 144(5):1094-1103 (2019).
  • Lee, Cody S.; Bishop, Elliot S.; Dumanian, Zari; Zhao, Chen; Song, Dongzhe; Zhang, Fugui; Zhu, Yunxiao; Ameer, Guillermo A.; He, Tong Chuan; Reid, Russell R., Bone Morphogenetic Protein-9-Stimulated Adipocyte-Derived Mesenchymal Progenitors Entrapped in a Thermoresponsive Nanocomposite Scaffold Facilitate Cranial Defect Repair, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 30(6):1915-1919 (2019).
  • Gladstein, Scott; Almassalha, Luay M.; Cherkezyan, Lusik; Chandler, John E.; Eshein, Adam; Eid, Aya; Zhang, Di; Wu, Wenli; Bauer, Greta M.; Stephens, Andrew D.; Morochnik, Simona; Subramanian, Hariharan; Marko, John F.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Szleifer, Igal; Backman, Vadim, Multimodal interference-based imaging of nanoscale structure and macromolecular motion uncovers UV induced cellular paroxysm, Nature communications 10(1) (2019).
  • Petty, Anthony J.; Keate, Rebecca L.; Jiang, Bin; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Rivnay, Jonathan, Conducting Polymers for Tissue Regeneration in Vivo †, Chemistry of Materials 32(10):4095-4115 (2020).
  • Xiao, Jisheng; Zhu, Yunxiao; Huddleston, Samantha; Li, Peng; Xiao, Baixue; Farha, Omar K.; Ameer, Guillermo A., Copper Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles Stabilized with Folic Acid Improve Wound Healing in Diabetes, ACS nano 12(2):1023-1032 (2018).
  • Gregory, Elaine K.; Webb, Antonio; Vercammen, Janet M.; Kelly, Megan E.; Akar, Banu; van Lith, Robert; Bahnson, Edward M.; Jiang, Wulin; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Kibbe, Melina R., Inhibiting intimal hyperplasia in prosthetic vascular grafts via immobilized all-trans retinoic acid, Journal of Controlled Release 274:69-80 (2018).
  • Ware, Henry Oliver T.; Farsheed, Adam C.; Akar, Banu; Duan, Chongwen; Chen, Xiangfan; Ameer, Guillermo; Sun, Cheng, High-speed on-demand 3D printed bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, Materials Today Chemistry 7:25-34 (2018).
  • Zhu, Yunxiao; Cankova, Zdravka; Iwanaszko, Marta; Lichtor, Sheridan; Mrksich, Milan; Ameer, Guillermo A., Potent laminin-inspired antioxidant regenerative dressing accelerates wound healing in diabetes, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115(26):6816-6821 (2018).
  • Chung, Eun Ji; Sugimoto, Matthew J.; Koh, Jason L.; Ameer, Guillermo Antonio, A biodegradable tri-component graft for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 11(3):704-712 (2017).
  • Jiang, Bin; Suen, Rachel; Wertheim, Jason A.; Ameer, Guillermo A., Targeting Heparin to Collagen within Extracellular Matrix Significantly Reduces Thrombogenicity and Improves Endothelialization of Decellularized Tissues, Biomacromolecules 17(12):3940-3948 (2016).
  • Zhu, Yunxiao; Hoshi, Ryan; Chen, Siyu; Yi, Ji; Duan, Chongwen; Galiano, Robert D.; Zhang, Hao F.; Ameer, Guillermo A., Sustained release of stromal cell derived factor-1 from an antioxidant thermoresponsive hydrogel enhances dermal wound healing in diabetes, Journal of Controlled Release 238:114-122 (2016).
  • van Lith, Robert; Baker, Evan; Ware, Henry; Yang, Jian; Farsheed, Adam Cyrus; Sun, Cheng; Ameer, Guillermo, 3D-Printing Strong High-Resolution Antioxidant Bioresorbable Vascular Stents, Advanced Materials Technologies 1(9) (2016).
  • Jiang, Bin; Suen, Rachel; Wang, Jiao Jing; Zhang, Zheng J.; Wertheim, Jason A.; Ameer, Guillermo A., Mechanocompatible Polymer-Extracellular-Matrix Composites for Vascular Tissue Engineering, Advanced Healthcare Materials 5(13):1594-1605 (2016).
  • Van Lith, Robert; Wang, Xuesong; Ameer, Guillermo Antonio, Biodegradable Elastomers with Antioxidant and Retinoid-like Properties, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 2(2):268-277 (2016).
  • Jiang, Bin; Perrin, Louisiane; Kats, Dina; Meade, Thomas J; Ameer, Guillermo Antonio, Enabling non-invasive assessment of an engineered endothelium on ePTFE vascular grafts without increasing oxidative stress, Biomaterials 69:110-120 (2015).


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  • Functionalizing Medical Implants: A Tissue Engineering Approach (Pending) J. Yang and G.A. Ameer.
  • A Novel(diol-co-citrate) Hydroxyapatite Composite for Clinical Fixation Devices (Pending) ,J. Yang, H. Qiu, and G.A. Ameer.
  • Receptor-Based Blood Detoxification System (Pending) C. Daniels, S. Sprague, and G.A. Ameer.