Undergraduate Study
Combined BS/MS Program

If you are talented and highly motivated to do graduate-level work, and have earned advanced placement credit to complete your bachelor's degree requirements in fewer than four years, you may be eligible to begin the Combined BS/MS Program before you complete your undergraduate requirements.

Some students complete both degrees in four years, while others need one or more quarters beyond the completion of the BS degree to complete the MS degree. Students can pursue master’s degrees in the same department as their bachelor’s or in a different department.

The Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree

  • Increased starting salary
  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Greater potential for job advancement
  • Familiarity with McCormick programs and faculty
  • Greater convenience prior to starting employment

Application Procedures

The application for the Combined BS/MS Program can be submitted in the quarter prior to a student being within four courses of completing his or her undergraduate degree.

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Additional Information

For more information about the Combined BS/MS Program, please visit the McCormick School of Engineering website.