EECS 394: Software Project Management & Development

Quarter Offered

Winter : 11-12:20 TuTh ; Riesbeck
Spring : 11-12:20 TuTh ; Riesbeck


EECS 394 is focused on the process of software development from the perspective of both rapid prototyping and responsive relationships with clients.  We’ll take an Extreme Programming approach in which teams will maintain tight, iterative development cycles that include ongoing interactions with clients.  In the style of EDC, the class is project oriented, with teams focused on specific projects during the entire 10 week period.  The class also has a studio feel, with team interactions during class guided by faculty and graduate students.

  • This course satisfies the Software Development Breadth & project requirement.


REQUIRED TEXTBOOKThe Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson


COURSE COORDINATOR: Prof. Chris Riesbeck

COURSE GOALS: The goal of this class is to provide students with skills in teamwork and objective-based development and give them the ability or build a development team as a leader and architect as well as a programmer and developer.

COURSE OUTCOMES: In the course of doing this work, individuals will develop skills in:

  1. Project planning and management
  2. Client management and project definition
  3. A testing based approach to development
  4. Team management and ongoing schedule tracking
  5. Pair programming
  6. Scope management