Industry Partnerships

Collaborate with whole-brain computer scientists

Data science, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction are transforming the way companies do business. At Northwestern Computer Science, we’re discovering breakthrough technologies and techniques that harness complex data sets and turn them into meaningful insights. At a time when access to customer information is at an all-time high, having technical experts on your team is crucial to giving your business a competitive advantage.

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Partnership opportunities

Build relationships with top PhD student talent. Get early access to new technologies and techniques. Spark entirely new research possibilities. As a Northwestern CS industry partner, you have ample opportunities to transform your business.

  • Recruit from our pool of top student talent for internships and full-time roles
  • Conduct research with award-winning faculty and fund cutting-edge research to address broad-scale problems
  • Engage in collaborative workshops and seminars

What our students and faculty have to offer

Students in the Northwestern CS PhD program are equipped with the technological expertise to build computer science solutions for a better future. They work under the supervision of leading faculty researchers through interdisciplinary relationships with Northwestern’s top-ranked schools. This impact-driven and future-focused approach to computer science provides graduates with a solid foundation of excellence in areas including:


Northwestern Computer Science is proud to collaborate with a growing portfolio of industry partners including Adobe Research, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and Facebook. Partnerships with these organizations include a wide variety of mutually beneficial research activities, funding, and employment opportunities.