PhD Students

Northwestern Computer Science PhD students include students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science (see below), as well as students participating in joint doctoral programs such as Computer Science and Learning Sciences, and Technology and Social Behavior.

Photo of David Demeter

David Demeter

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Photo of Zhenqing Hu

Zhenqing Hu

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Photo of Andong Li Zhao

Andong Li Zhao

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Photo of Sheng Long

Sheng Long

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Photo of Danilo Neves Ribeiro

Danilo Neves Ribeiro

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Photo of Victor  Soares Bursztyn

Victor Soares Bursztyn

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Photo of Alex Tang

Alex Tang

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Photo of Hanlin Wang

Hanlin Wang

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Photo of Chenkai Weng

Chenkai Weng

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Photo of Yunming Xiao

Yunming Xiao

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Photo of Shichao Xu

Shichao Xu

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Photo of Guannan Zhao

Guannan Zhao

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