Hammond Pens Op-ed on Transparency Needed to Spur Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Without transparent trust & respect, the adoption of A.I. systems will cease and dampen any positive returns that these technologies could bring to our world.

A.I. Systems

Prof. Kristian Hammond has written an editorial for Computerworld questioning the growing realization that we cannot start deploying and using A.I. systems if their reasoning is opaque, unless we know exactly what they are thinking.

Prof. Kristian HammondProf. Hammond is chief scientist at Narrative Science. Prior to joining the faculty at Northwestern, Hammond founded the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research has been primarily focused on artificial intelligence, machine-generated content and context-driven information systems. He currently sits on a United Nations policy committee run by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).

Excerpted from "Artificial Intelligence: Transparency isn’t just a trend" | 1/12/2017 by Prof. Kristian Hammond. Read the full Computerworld article