Racket 8.0 Marks Milestone in Programming Language

Northwestern Engineering’s Robby Findler and Christos Dimoulas are contributors to Racket and conduct their research using it

Robby FindlerRobby Findler, professor of computer science at Northwestern Engineering, and collaborators released Racket 8.0, a milestone implementation of one of the world’s leading environments for language-oriented programming.

This marks the first time Racket CS is the primary implementation of Racket and a change from its original compiler and runtime system to one based on Chez Scheme, among the highest quality scheme compilers. The move was four years in the making.

Christos DimoulasFirst released in 1995, Racket is widely used in education and industry and has enabled a wide range of programming language research. Its specialty is its support for designing and implementing new languages and an entirely different approach to system design where the programming language and the system are designed hand-in-hand.

Christos Dimoulas, assistant professor of computer science, and Findler have used Racket as the test-bed for their research for more than a decade. Read more about Racket 8.0.

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