Computer Science Welcomes Three New Postdocs

The postdocs will join from Northwestern, New York University, and Georgia Tech University

Northwestern Engineering’s Department of Computer Science will welcome three new postdoctoral fellows in Fall 2019.

  • Stevie Chancellor will join department from Georgia Tech where she studied human-centered computing for her PhD and worked in the Social Dynamics and Well Being Lab. Her work focuses on building human-centered algorithms to understand deviant behaviors in online communities.
  • Shravas Rao earned his PhD in computer science at New York University where his research interests included theoretical computer science.
  • Prem Seetharaman will remain at Northwestern University where he is a PhD candidate in the Interactive Audio Lab, working with Bryan Pardo, associate professor of computer science. His research focuses on creating machines that can understand the auditory world like humans can.

Current post-doctoral fellow Jason (Willie) Wilson will continue to work with Ken Forbus, Waler P. Murphy Professor of Computer Science, to contribute to Northwestern’s artificial intelligence curriculum and serve as a mentor for undergraduate and master’s research projects.