Computational Photography Poster Session Wed 6/4 (1-4pm), Tech Main Lobby

The poster session is open to the public!

Computational Photography Poster SessionComputational Photography Poster Session

Course: Computational Photography Seminar

Instructor: Oliver (Ollie) S. Cossairt

Event description: The poster session is open to the public! Join us as 21 students present their quarter projects spanning a variety of topics including: ideas in computer vision, computer graphics, image processing, resolution, dynamic range, defocus/motion blurmotion/defocus deblurring cameras, light field cameras, computational displays, and much more!

When: Wednesday, June 4, from 1pm - 4pm

Where: Tech Institute, Main Lobby

List of student projects that will be presented

  • Lenticular-based 3D Display
  • Dynamic Parallax Barrier 3D Display
  • Eulerian Video Magnification on the Iphone
  • Low-cost Networked Camera using a Raspberry Pi
  • Automated visual inspection of Intravenous bags
  • Light field rendering and refocusing with a plenoptic camera
  • Google Glass "X-ray specs" for museum conservation
  • Automatic Generation of Action Sequence Images
  • Video subtle motion manipulation based on phase variations
  • Light field superresolution
  • Hand-held Schlieren photography with light field probes
  • Increasing depth of field Computationally with paired dictionaries    
  • 99 cent Kinect 3D camera on your Iphone

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