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    CS Colloquium - Kate Compton - "Casual Creators: Powering-Up Creativity with AI"

    Department of Computer Science

    12:00 PM 3514, Mudd Hall ( formerly Seeley G. Mudd Library)

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    CS Colloquium - Kate Compton -

    Title: Casual Creators: Powering-Up Creativity with AI


    Entertainment software may feature bosses to beat or puzzles to overcome, but increasingly users are turning to apps and games to express their creativity as well. What does it mean to make software for casual creativity, and how can AI and procedural generation support creative users? What would an "AI Bob Ross" look like, anyway?


    Dr Kate Compton (galaxykate) is a long-time generative artist, inventor, and programmer. She wrote the first paper on procedural platformer levels, generated the planets for Spore, created the language Tracery, and invented an early phone-based AR system. She currently works as an open-source researcher developing the next directions for Tracery and creative chatbots. Her mission is to design artificial intelligence to augment human creativity, and to create tools that brings AI into the hands of poets, artists, kids, and weirdos.

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    TIME Monday, November 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    LOCATION 3514, Mudd Hall ( formerly Seeley G. Mudd Library)    map it


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