COMP_SCI 397, 497: Social Computing and Crowd Sourcing

Quarter Offered

None ;


It is by permission of the instructor, and limited to students who are currently conducting social computing or crowdsourcing research, or plan to, for example through the DTR or TSB programs.


This seminar and project course studies the social and technical aspects of social and crowd computing systems. Students read research articles, participate in weekly design charettes and hackathons, develop novel crowd computing systems, and conduct studies of existing social computing systems.

The class teaches students about interfaces and design through doing. On any given project (and there is a new one almost every week), students prototype at varying fidelities, test their prototypes on fellow classmates and outside users, iteratively design based on user feedback, and present their results to the class through studio critique. The process teaches students to reason about the socio and technical aspects of developing a social or crowd computing system.

TL;DR: this is an HCI research seminar and project course all-in-one, taught through the lens of socio-technical systems.

  • This course fulfills the Interfaces breadth requirement.