Introductory Courses

The Department of Computer Science invites undergraduate students from across Northwestern University to explore the computer science major through taking introductory courses. The classes described below can be taken on an individual basis to explore the field of computer science. Should you become more interested, consider doing a minor or major in Computer Science.

COMP_SCI/EECS 101 - An Introduction to Computer Science for Everyone

This course is an overview of the areas and intellectual questions of computer science, its impact in the world, theory, systems, graphics and interaction, artificial intelligence, and more. The course is not about—and does not focus on— programming. The primary goal of this course is to answer these simple questions:

  • What is computer science?
  • What do computer scientists do?
  • How does computer science interact with the rest of the world?

COMP_SCI/EECS 111 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming I

This is an introductory course on the fundamentals of computer programming and is appropriate both for people who have a background in high school computer science and those new to computer science. This class is an opportunity for students to see what computer programming is all about, and (more importantly) to see whether students want to spend the next few years doing more of it. This course will include weekly programming projects, readings, a midterm, and final examinations. Class participation is not optional.

Pursuing a CS Major or Minor

For more information about our programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor in Computer Science

Combined BS (or BA)/MS Degree

We also encourage you to contact the computer science curriculum chair.