COMP_SCI 473-1: NUvention: Web + Media (ENTREP 473)

Quarter Offered

Winter : 1:30 - 4:30 Tu ; Riesbeck/Warren


NUvention:Web is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire product and  business development life cycle for a software company. Project areas include iPad/Tablet App, Mobile Applications, New Media, Social Gaming, Twitter or Facebook Apps, eCommerce/Deals, Analytics, Cloud, Big Data or ideas from students in the program. Teams will be able to continue to work on their projects after the completion of the course. Past NUvention:Web teams have gone on to make TechCrunch, PCMag, Rolling Stone and GigaOM headlines and join incubators, while others are bootstrapping and building their businesses to this day.

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  • This course satisfies the software development (breadth) requirement (NOTE: ONLY IF BOTH QUARTERS ARE FINISHED)

INSTRUCTORS: Prof. Chris Riesbeck & Prof. Todd Warren

COURSE COORDINATOR: Prof. Chris Riesbeck

Participation in this course is by application only. Applications are typically due the first week of November for the winter/spring course.

PLEASE NOTE: Class will be held in GARAGE (2311 Campus Drive, Room 1-440; Padula and Krebs Classrooms in the McCormick Education Suite).

Cross-listed with ENTREP 473.