COMP_SCI 352: Machine Perception of Music & Audio

Quarter Offered

Spring : 10-10:50 MWF ; Pardo


Prior programming experience sufficient to be able to do laboratory assignments in PYTHON, implementing algorithms and using libraries without being taught to do so (there is no language instruction on Python). Having taken COMP_SCI 211 and COMP_SCI 214 would demonstrate this experience.


Machine extraction of musical structure in audio, MIDI and score files, covering areas such as source separation and perceptual mapping of audio to machine-quantifiable measures.

  • Approved for the Breadth Interfaces & project requirement in the CS curriculum.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Fundamentals of Music Processing


DETAILED COURSE TOPICS: See the course webpage at...

ASSIGNMENTS: See the course webpage at...

COURSE OBJECTIVES: When a student completes this course, s/he should:

  • have a basic understanding of how audio is encoded by computers
  • understand the basics of human audio perception of sound
  • be able to create tools to find salient structures in music audio
  • be able to understand current research in the music information retrieval community
  • be able to think critically about arts and technology