COMP_SCI 311: Inclusive Making

Quarter Offered

Spring : 11-12:20 TuTh ; Worsley




Excitement for the Maker Movement continues to grow. Part of this growth stems from the idea that Making provides a means for democratization of fabrication and invention. While this is true, in part, the practices and people that are typically included under this brand are limited. In particular, issues of diversity, equity and inclusivity are seldom at the forefront of the design and implementation of Makerspaces, the tools used or the artifacts created. Hence, the purpose of this course is to bring issues of diversity, equity and inclusivity to the forefront. In particular, the course will push students to 1) critically explore Making as a practice that promotes democratization, 2) develop interfaces that allow a broader population of students to participate in digital fabrication and 3) co-design artifacts that positively impact accessibility and inclusivity. The course will include guest speakers, laboratory portions and a final project that encourages students to develop publishable scholarship and/or functional prototypes, as they work in interdisciplinary teams.

  • This course satisfies in Project or Technical Elective.
  • Formerly COMP_SCI 397/497.
  • Cross-listed as LRN_SCI 309/409

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Marcelo Worsley