COMP_SCI 150: Fundamentals of Computer Programming 1.5

Quarter Offered

Spring : 11:11:50 MWF ; Sood
Fall : 11:11:50 MWF ; Sood & Compton
Winter : 11:11:50 MWF ; Compton


COMP_SCI 111 AND the student should NOT have yet completed COMP_SCI 211.


Intended for students who have completed COMP_SCI 111, but don’t have any other formal Computer Science background, this course is completely optional, not counted toward the major or minor in Computer Science. It will provide an introduction to object-oriented programming in Python, preparing students for future courses such as COMP_SCI 211. 

  • Formerly COMP_SCI 295.
  • Students should NOT take this course if they have completed the AP Computer Science course or COMP_SCI 211 or have substantial experience programming in languages such as Java, Python or C++.
Please email Sara Sood if you wonder if this course is right for you. 

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Sara Owsley Sood & Prof. Katherine E Compton (Fall) Prof. Katherine E Compton (Winter)