MBP Welcomes New Class of Students

The new class of students joins an already diverse program.

MBP welcomes new class of students

Every year, the Master of Biotechnology program (MBP) welcomes a new class of students ready to build on their science or engineering background and launch a career in biotechnology or an associated profession.

This year, 36 new students began MBP, each with their own backgrounds and goals for their time in the program — and what they want to do after graduation. 

"We are excited to welcome the incoming class of 2019," said MBP Director Danielle Tullman-Ercek. "They are an impressive group, with diverse backgrounds, accomplishments, and career interests." 

The students' diverse backgrounds can be seen in their various science and engineering undergraduate majors, which include:

  • Biotechnology (27%)
  • Biology/Biological Science (26%)
  • Chemical Engineering (12%)
  • Biochemistry (11%)
  • Bioengineering (8%)
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology (6%)
  • Other (10%)

The "Other" category includes biomedical engineering, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology, toxicology, pre-med, general engineering, science business, and food technology. 

This collection of students joins an already diverse set of MBP students who come from locations across the globe (see the map above for where MBP students received their undergraduate degree).  

"After almost a year of planning for their arrival, it is impossible to understate what a pleasure it is to meet everyone in person, and to watch as they get to know each other," Tullman-Ercek said. "It is the beginning of new teams, friendships, and networks."

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