MBIOTECH 411: Technology Commercialization Practicum (1 Unit)

Quarter Offered

Spring : M 6:00PM - 8:00PM ; Eric Benson


In this practicum course, students build on the skills learned in the prerequisite MBIOTECH 410 Technology Commercialization: Fundamentals course to evaluate, and potentially improve, the design and commercialization plan of biotechnology products for optimal commercial impact. Students will work as consultants for existing companies to develop commercialization strategies for pre-commercial products within the participant company portfolio. 


By the end of the course, students should have built upon their previous training and exhibit competence in the following: 

  • Market Intelligence – Conduct primary and secondary market research, and derive market insights.
  • IP Exclusivity – Reviewing patent structure and strength, and any regulatory considerations
  • Competitive Intelligence – Determine IP strength and competitive impact
  • Forecasting – Modeling projected sales using a variety of input methods.
  • Net Present Value – Determine investment value based on projected sales and cost of capital
  • Strategic Product Planning – Present commercial and strategic alignment assessment

When necessary, students may also be required to exhibit knowledge of:

  • Clinical Trial Design – Build Target Product Profile complete with MOA, dosing, safety/efficacy/adverse events, etc.
  • Market Access – Understand Payer reimbursement and pricing acceptance

Student progress throughout the course will be based on participation in lecture sessions, interactions with team mentor, and client feedback during mid-term check-in and final presentations.