MBIOTECH 302: Fluids and Mass Transfer for Bioprocessing (1 Unit)

Quarter Offered

Winter : TuTh/1:30-3:30pm ; P. Arthur Felse


The second in a sequence of two transitional core courses, designed to introduce non-engineers to the fundamentals of fluids and mass transfer. An important objective of this course is to prepare students for the core sequence of two advanced Bioprocess Engineering courses (MBIOTECH 476-1,2).


MBIOTECH 302 will cover the following topics:

  • Basic laws of physics, units, dimensions, dimensionless analysis
  • Fluid statics and applications
  • Classification of fluid flow, shear rate, shear stress, viscosity, turbulence
  • Mass and energy balance in fluid flow
  • Mechanical-energy balance and the Bernoulli equation
  • Flows in pipes
  • Flow through porous beds
  • Motion of particles in fluids
  • Mixing and agitation
  • Fundamentals of mass transport between phases
  • Diffusive and convective transport
  • Equimolar and unicomponent diffusion
  • Mass transfer in fluid flow
  • Equilibrium staged operations
  • Gas-liquid mass transfer
  • Applications to biological processes.