Areas of Research
Nano/Microscience & Technology

Experimentation of novel materials and devicesNano- and micro-scale research in our program focuses on the modeling and experimentation of novel materials and devices.

Faculty Research Areas

  • In-situ electron microscopy testing of 1-D nanostructures
  • Scalable 3-D nanofabrication of integrated nanosystems
  • High efficiency energy conversion using nano-photonic devices
  • Bio-sensing
  • Cellular access and interrogation for next-generation therapeutic technologies
  • Development of next-generation electronics components based on nanoelectromechanical systems and their parallel nanomanufacturing
  • Bio-inspired sensors

Micro- and meso-scale research in the department is viewed as the bridge between the nano/micro-scales and the macro-world in which humans operate.

Active Research Topics

  • Novel experimental techniques to investigate size effects in nano-scale systems
  • Scalable 3D nano-fabrication of integrated nano-systems for energy harvesting
  • Sub-diffraction-limited image and nanolithography
  • Biologically inspired sensors and sensing
  • Single cell transfection and sampling

Faculty Active in This Research