Undergraduate Study
BS Curriculum
Petition Requests

Petition Information

  • Curriculum petitions must be filed no later than the quarter before the student wishes to take the course
  • Petitions should be approved by the ME undergraduate chair
  • The current ME undergraduate chair is Prof. Kulkarni


1. Use the curriculum petition here and fill out the petition completely as explained below. (During the pandemic, email the completed petition to Professor Manohar Kulkarni

  • Be sure to put your email clearly on the form, so you can be contacted if there are any questions.
  • Be sure that you list abbreviated course names (e.g., "thermo") as well as numbers. It doesn't have to be the full, formal name, just enough so that the undergrad chair knows what course you are talking about.
  • Put a clear explanation for the request on the form. Usually one sentence is sufficient. In more complicated cases (e.g., transfer credit) you may need to attach additional material (e.g., the syllabus from the course from the other school).

2. Place the form in the "Drop Off" pocket-file on the door of Prof. Kulkarni's office (Tech B226, located inside the ME Department Office).

3. Pick up the petition from the "Pick Up" pocket-file on Prof. Kulkarni's office door.

  • If the petition is fairly straightforward, it will usually be signed within one to three days.
  • If the petition is less straightforward, it may need to be considered by the full ME undergraduate curriculum committee. This can take longer.
  • If your petition is not signed and in the outbox within four days, please send Prof. Kulkarni an email. It likely means that it has had to go to the committee.

4. After picking up the signed petition, drop off the form at the Undergraduate Engineering Office  (Tech L269, located on left-side of the hallway that leads straight out from the ME Office, across from the stairwell).