Due to the variations and complexities to the requirements for a bachelor of science degree at McCormick, there are numerous forms that may need to be completed.

The necessary forms are now online and noted below. Unless otherwise noted, please email the completed forms to the Undergraduate Engineering Office at mccormick-school@northwestern.edu.

Please note: All current McCormick juniors should declare their graduation term online through MAS by the end of the winter quarter.

Forms by Topic or Area

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Declaring / Changing Major / Catalog Year

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Dual Engineering Degree

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  • Apply for Graduation: all current McCormick juniors should declare their graduation term in  MAS by the end of the winter quarter. By filling out your graduation term and diploma name on MAS you have successfully petitioned to graduate with your McCormick degree. 
  • If you are planning to graduate with a major, minor, or certificate in a school other than McCormick, you will need to fill out and get signed an Additional Petition to Graduate and return it to roda@northwestern.edu. Failure to do so may delay your graduation The additional petition to graduate form can be found here.  
  • Request to Walk in McCormick's Undergraduate Graduation Convocation (Spring 2024)
    • Only students who complete all degree requirements after spring quarter 2024 need to submit the form. 
    • Students with a fall 2023 or winter 2024 graduation term in MAS and who completed degree requirements in fall quarter 2023 or winter quarter 2024 are already included in the spring 2024 graduation ceremonies and do not need to submit the form.  
  • Student outside of McCormick with a McCormick minor or certificate:
    • Your petition to graduate from your home school will serve as your petition to graduate with your McCormick minor or certificate. You do not need to include your McCormick minor or certificate on your petition to graduate. Your graduation term will appear on MAS once your home school petition has been approved. You do not need to fill out a separate form.

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Transferring Credit From Other Institutions

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Program Specific forms

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Special Programs