Fellowships & Internships
The Crown Family Internship

This elective program permits doctoral candidates to gain practical experience in industry or at national laboratories in areas closely related to their research. These internships can provide impetus for the intern’s thesis and may provide future employment.

About the Internship

The three- or six-month full-time internship is generally a paid position. Proper internship placement is determined by the student’s PhD adviser, the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies.

The intern’s performance will be evaluated by their sponsor and forwarded to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and the PhD adviser.

Eight quarters of residency tuition will still be required even though the sequence will be interrupted. However, it is expected that this experience will not require additional time to complete degree requirements. Interns should have progressed to the level of candidacy, but candidacy is not required.

Participants accepted to this program register for CRDV 510, a non-credit, non-tuition-bearing course. This registration allows health benefits to be maintained, permits loans to be deferred, and provides evidence of the internship on transcripts. Up to three registrations of CRDV 510 are allowed, but no more than two registrations may be consecutive.

Who Should Apply?

The program is open to all PhD students in the McCormick School. The experience is best suited for the middle to later stages (e.g., third year) of PhD study.

International students participating in this program must apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Full time (21 or more hours per week) pre-graduation internship may not exceed one year. For more information on applying for CPT, please visit the International Office’s website.

Application Process

If you are interested, please complete the application form and submit with a resume and offer letter. This form will be sent to your advisor as well as the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for approval. If approved, you will receive a permission number to register for the given quarter.

You must apply every quarter you wish to register even if you are on the same internship. Permission numbers do not carry over and registration is dependent on this approval process. Up to three registrations of CRDV 510 are allowed, but no more than two registrations may be consecutive.

A brief evaluation (three to five sentences) from your internship supervisor will be required before we will assign a grade. The evaluation can be e-mailed to Elizabeth Rentfro.