Research Opportunities
Peer Advising in Research

The Peer Advising in Research program educates highly motivated McCormick undergraduates about research opportunities and forges a community of students bound by a passion for scientific research.

This program connects you with current undergraduate researchers in your department. By talking one-on-one with these experienced peer advisers, you will be able to better understand the realities and goals of various research groups.

Ultimately, they can assist you in finding the right research opportunities for your qualifications and interests.

Read the general guidelines for how the Peer Advising in Research program works.

How to Participate

For Mentees

If you are interested in starting research and want to talk to a peer currently doing research in your field of interest, fill out the PAR Mentee Form and email it to murs@northwestern.edu.

All McCormick undergraduates are welcome to apply at anytime.

For Advisers

We welcome any McCormick undergraduate currently involved in research to become a Peer Adviser. Generally, Peer Advisers will talk about their research work and experiences to mentees interested in a similar field. 

If you would like to become an adviser, please fill out the PAR Adviser Form and email it to murs@northwestern.edu.