Undergraduate Study
BS Curriculum

Please follow the flowchart. Also, view the courses tab for a detailed listing of all mechanical engineering courses and the undergraduate curriculum document for program details. 

Total Requirement: 47 Courses (48 units)

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Mathematics: 4 Courses

  • Math 220, 224, 230: Calculus
  • Math 234: Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus

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Engineering Analysis and Computer Proficiency: 4 Courses

  • Gen Eng 205: 1,2,3,4 Engineering Analysis

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Basic Sciences: 4 Courses

  • Phys 135: 2,3 General Physics
  • Chem 101, 102: General Inorganic Chemistry
  • or Chem AP score of 3 or 4 and Chem 171: Accelerated General Inorganic Chemistry
  • or Chem AP score of 5 (Credit for Chem 101, 102, plus an "unrestricted elective" for Chem 103)

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Design and Communications: 3 Courses

  • Dsgn 106: 1,2 and English 106: 1,2 Design Thinking and Communication and Writing in Special Contexts
  • Gen Comm 102 or Public Speaking 103

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Basic Engineering: 5 Courses


  • ME 222: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics – I  

Fluids and Solids

  • ME 241: Fluid Mechanics I
  • CEE 216: Mechanics of Materials

Materials Science

  • MatSci 201: Principles of the Properties of Materials

Electrical Science

  • ME 233: Electronics Design
  • Students planning to take advanced EECS courses as electives may substitute EECS 221: Fundamentals of Circuits

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Social Sciences/Humanities Theme Requirement: 7 Courses

Visit the McCormick School's website for more information about the social science/humanities theme requirement.

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Unrestricted Electives: 5 Courses

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Mechanical Engineering Departmental Program: 16 Courses

Required: 7 courses

  • ME 202: Mechanics II
  • ME 224: Experimental Engineering I
  • ME 240: Intro. to Mech. Design and Manufacturing
  • ME 315: Theory of Machines - Design of Elements
  • ME 340: Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • ME 377: Heat Transfer
  • ME 390: Introduction to Dynamic Systems

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Advanced Study: 3 Courses

Choose one course from each group:


  • ME 314: Theory of Machines - Dynamics
  • ME 363: Mechanical Vibrations
  • EECS 360: Introduction to Feedback Systems


  • ME 362: Stress Analysis
  • ME 327: Finite Elements for Stress Analysis

Thermofluid Science

  • ME 322: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics – II
  • ME 373: Engineering Fluid Mechanics

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Engineering Design (Capstone): 2 Courses

  • ME 398-1: Engineering Design I
  • ME 398-2: Engineering Design II

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Technical Electives: 4 Courses

  • Two 300-level mechanical engineering courses
  • One 300-level engineering, science or mathematics technical elective
  • One 300-level course in basic mathematics or science

Notes on technical electives:

All technical electives must also be 0% General Education content as noted at,

DSGN 360 (design competition) must be taken in two sequential quarters to count as one credit toward the degree. Although DSGN 360 may be taken multiple times while at Northwestern, only one one credit of DSGN 360 may be used as a technical elective. Only two credits of DSGN 360 total may be used toward the degree.

Only two 399 (Independent Study) courses may count toward the degree.

Students are encouraged to concentrate technical electives in an area of interest.

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Petition Requests

In the case that the student wishes to count as technical electives four courses that do not satisfy the conditions above, the student must file a petition with the department listing the four courses to be counted toward the technical electives.

If the four courses satisfy the requirements of one of the suggested areas of concentration and meet the basic science requirement, the petition will be granted automatically.

Curriculum petitions must be filed no later than the quarter before the student wishes to take the course.

Learn more about curriculum petition requests