Undergraduate Study
BS Curriculum

Total Requirement: 47 Courses (48 units)

The mechanical engineering degree provides tremendous flexibility to customize the curriculum to the student's interests and professional goals.  This flexibility also reflects the expertise of the faculty and rapidly emerging areas of mechanical engineering.  Curricular flexibility is provided in the form of six courses chosen from a set of concentrations:  an ME Breadth concentration, providing advanced training in core and emerging areas of mechanical engineering, and several specialized concentrations, including Aerospace Engineering; Design; Energy and Sustainability; Engineering Mechanics of Materials and Structures; Fluids, Energy, and Thermal systems; Manufacturing; Micro-Nano Engineering; and Robotics.

Details of these nine concentrations and the program are included in the undergraduate curriculum document. Also, for planning out your exciting journey follow the flowchart and view the courses tab for a detailed listing of all mechanical engineering courses.