With options for both thesis and non-thesis degrees, our master's programs provide students with advanced technical knowledge.With options for both thesis and non-thesis degrees, our master's programs provide students with advanced technical knowledge.

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The MS program in mechanical engineering is designed to provide the student with advanced technical knowledge beyond what is offered in a bachelor's program and offers some exposure to research at the cutting edge of today's technology.

The MS program requires at least three-quarters of course work and the completion of a thesis or project on a research topic. It is possible for students to complete the program in as little as nine months although most students take between 12 and 15 months to complete all the requirements.

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The MS program has two options: the thesis option and the non-thesis option for terminal MS degree.

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BS/MS Program

Students who wish to pursue a combined BS/MS program should apply for the Combined program once they have no more 5 units that are remaining in their degree audit in MAS. Note that the quarter prior to the graduation quarter is the last opportunity to apply for the BS/MS program. The MS requires 12 additional units and none of the BS courses can be double counted for the MS. Interested students are advised to first see Elizabeth Rentfro for any questions regarding the logistics and then to see Professor Manohar Kulkarni for any questions that are related to the academics.

Interdisciplinary MS Programs

The following programs involve ME faculty:

MS with Engineering Management Minor

Admission to the Engineering Management Minor program through the IEMS department is required. The minor requires IEMS 402, IEMS 407, and one additional IEMS course from the list.

Joint MS in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering 

The Joint Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering program is a unique degree opportunity offering a curriculum that combines the strengths of these two departments. This interdisciplinary program allows the most talented students to develop broad expertise in both fields, enhancing career opportunities in industry and research.