Undergraduate Study
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Enrollment and Graduation Data

ME Undergraduate Enrollment Data

Undergraduates in the McCormick School of Engineering generally declare their majors at the end of their first year, so enrollment for sophomore through seniors is listed.

Class Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014
Sophomores 74 55 TBD TBD
Juniors* 64 71 TBD TBD
Seniors* 67 80 TBD TBD

* A significant reason that the number of students in a given class year tends to vary is that approximately one quarter of ME students choose to participate in the co-op program, in which they work at co-op jobs for one- and two-quarter blocks (for a total of four-to-six quarters) usually during their junior and "pre-senior" years.

ME Undergraduate Graduation Data

Almost all ME undergraduates complete a BS degree. One reason that the number of graduates for a given year may be different from the number of seniors for that year listed in the table above is that the co-op program in normally a five-year program. Most non-co-op students graduate within four years and most co-op students graduate within five years.

BSME Degrees Granted

  • 7/10-6/11: 60
  • 7/11-6/12: 75