Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 470: High Performance Computing for Multiphysics Applications

Quarter Offered

Spring : TTh 11-12:20 ; G. Wagner


Modeling and simulation for real engineering applications often require large scale computations of complex systems bringing together multiple physical phenomena.  Fluid-structure interactions for vehicles in flight, solid materials with multiple scales, and energy systems that include thermo-mechanical-chemical interactions are just a few important examples.  This course will examine some of the theoretical and practical considerations that are important in developing and performing parallelized simulations of complex engineering systems.

Many of the important concepts in this course are relevant even for large-scale parallel simulations of “single physics” problems, but where possible we will consider the impacts of coupling multiple phenomena, equations, or spatial domains.  Topics to be covered include iterative solvers, preconditioning, operator splitting, coupling schemes, convergence and accuracy, numerical stability, verification and validation, spatial decomposition, parallel performance, and scalability.  Class assignments will include opportunities for hands-on experience developing, running and evaluating large-scale simulations.