Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 467: Industrial Energy Management and Utilization (ISEN 495)

Quarter Offered

Winter : MWF 10:00 - 10:50 am ; M. Kulkarni


Thermodynamics-I (ME 220 or equivalent) or graduate standing or consent of the instructor


As time permits, in this course the students will learn about historical energy usage; energy conservation vs. energy management; elements of an energy audit; data normalization of energy consumption using product-mix data or degree days etc.; utility rate structures & deregulation; energy economics; energy conservation opportunities in thermal-fluid Systems; combustion systems; steam & condensate Systems; energy recovery systems; industrial insulation; and electrical energy conservation



Tentative Grading

  • Homework and special assignments: 30%
  • Energy Audit: 20%
  • Contemporary Energy Topic of student/team choice and presentation: 15%
  • Exams: 35% (midterm 15% and a final 20%)


Manohar Kulkarni, PhD, PE
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
B226, Tech Bldg.
847-467-6741 (office)
401-369-3607 (cell)