Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 395: Special Topics: Energy Systems

Quarter Offered

None : TTh 9:30-10:50am ; Snyder


A first course in Thermodynamics and/or Fluids is recommended.


Fundamentals of the science of energy production and utilization and their impact on the environment.

Who Takes It

This course is for graduate students or advanced undergraduates primarily in mechanical, chemical, or civil and environmental engineering or materials science.

Learning Objectives

Complete processes for production and utilization of renewable and fossil energy sources. Life cycle impacts of processes and design of energy production systems considering available feedstocks, desired fuels, and impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Fundamentals of the mathematical theory of combustion processes.

Teaching Method


Evaluation Method

Presentations: Short classroom presentation
Project, final

Class Materials (Suggested)

Reference Books and material to be posted online