Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 385: Nanotechnology

Quarter Offered

Winter : MW 2:00-3:20pm ; TBD


Manipulation of matter at the nanometer length scale to produce useful devices and materials. Nanoscale sensors, mechanical and electrical systems, molecular electronics for memory and computing, novel materials. Scientific and engineering properties of nanoscale systems.

Who Takes It

Students interested in developing an understanding of nanotechnology usually take this course during their senior year; thorough understanding of one topic is developed through a term paper and end-of-quarter presentation.

What It's About

Nanotechnology is an exciting new field in that cuts across all scientific and engineering disciplines. Some of the newest developments in industry are based on nanotechnology. This course will introduce students to several important aspects of nanotechnology, as well pointing to the on-going development of new technology based on nanoscale phenomena. Some aspects of the politics and economic factors influencing nanotechnology development are also covered.