Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 382: Micro/Nano Science and Engineering



MEMS and Nanotechnology have attracted significant attention in the engineering, chemistry, and biology communities. An important component of this development is experimentation with the ability to manipulate and interrogate matter at small scales. ME 382 is a course designed to train students in this area.

The course consists of a series of laboratories including microfluidics experiments, electro-mechanical testing of microdevices, transport and deposition of biomolecules, nanolithography, and surface fractal analysis. The course is one of the few lab courses offered at NU in which students make extensive use of clean room facilities.



Fundamentals and Applications of Microfulidics, N.-T. Nguyen and S. Wereley, Artech House, 2002 (recommended but not required)


Submissions: Reports submitted only in class.
Late submission: 20% / day deduction from the full score
Grading: Final course grade will be based on the following distribution:

Class Discussions/Quizzes 20 %
Lab HWs and reports 50 %
Final Project 30 %
Course Syllabus