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GEN_ENG 205-1: Engineering Analysis I

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Engineering Analysis is part of Northwestern's innovative Engineering First Program for first year undergraduates.

The program gives Northwestern engineering students the fundamentals of a successful engineering education, and lets them experience more real engineering early in their undergraduate careers.

Engineering Analysis 1 (EA-1) covers topics in Linear Algebra, a very useful branch of mathematics for many application areas, and the basics of MATLAB, a powerful computing language for solving linear algebra problems and much more. Specific topics include solving systems of linear equations, linear independence, linear transformations, matrix inverses, vector spaces, and least-squares problems. We will also cover a sequence of case studies showing different applications of these concepts. No programming or linear algebra background is assumed.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Randy Freeman (Fall)


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  • Stephen J. Chapman, Essentials of MATLAB® Programming, second edition, Cengage Learning ©2009 (or the original edition by Thomson/Nelson ©2009) ISBN: 978-0495295686