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All guest will be hosted virtually via Zoom in Fall 2020. Registration details, along with talk titles and abstracts, will be shared in the coming weeks. For more details about the 2020 MSE Fall Colloquium Speakers, please check out our flyer!

Fall 2020

September 29, 2020: Saniya LeBlanc "A Holistic Approach to Energy: Connecting Materials, Manufacturing, Systems, and Technoeconomics" - George Washington University  
Host: Jeff Snyder

October 13, 2020: Pinshane Huang "How stiff are 2D materials? Designing ultrasoft electronic materials using electron microscopy" - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Host: Lincoln Lauhon

October 20, 2020 - Inaugural PPG Lecture: Lynden A. Archer "Designing electrolytes and interphases for cost-effective and safe storage of electrical energy" - Cornell University
Host: Mark Hersam

October 27, 2020: Angela Pitenis - University of California Santa Barbara
Host: MSSA

November 3, 2020: Polina Anikeeva "Interrogation of Neural Function Across Scales with Fiber-based and Nanomagnetic Tools" - MIT
Host: Sam Stupp

November 10, 2020: Caroline Ross "Iron garnets: enabling materials for magnonics, photonics and spintronics" - MIT
Host: Amanda Petford-Long

November 17, 2020: Alexandra Zevalkink "Origin of unexpectedly low thermal conductivity in Mg3Sb2 and Mg3Bi2 thermoelectric materials" - Michigan State University
Host: Jeff Snyder

Spring 2020 - Cancelled 

Cancelled: April 7, 2020: Corrine Packard "Controlled spalling of wafer-scale, single-crystal films of high-quality, high-value semiconductors" - Colorado School of Mines 
Host: Bob Chang 

Cancelled: April 21, 2020: Caroline Ross "Iron garnets: enabling materials for magnonics, photonics and spintronics" - MIT 
Host: Amanda Petford-Long 

Cancelled: April 28, 2020: Qian Chen -"'Cinematography' of soft materials (nanoparticles, proteins, and polymer membranes) at the nanoscale" - University of Illinois 
Host: Erik Luijten 

Cancelled: May 5, 2020: Helen Chan "Redox Reactions: A Route to Novel Materials?" - Lehigh University 
Hosts: David Dunand 

Cancelled: May 12, 2020: Raymundo Arroyave "Towards an Efficient Exploration of the Materials Design Space" - Texas A&M University 
Host: David Dunand 

Cancelled: May 26, 2020: Shirley Meng "From Atom to System: Advanced Characterization for Next Generation Energy Storage Materials" - University of California San Diego
Host: Sossina Haile 

Cancelled: June 2, 2020: Arun Majumdar - Stanford 
Hosts: Sossina Haile and Vinayak Dravid 

Winter 2020

January 7, 2020: Heather Murdoch "Magnetically Assisted Processing: theory, observation, and application for microstructural design using applied magnetic fields" - Army Research Lab 
Host: David Dunand 

January 13, 2020 - Cohen Lecture Talk 1:(Tech LR2) Christopher Murray "The design of multifunctional nanomaterials and devices through nanocrystal self-assembly" - University of Pennsylvania 
Host: Mark Hersam 

January 14, 2020 - Cohen Lecture Talk 2:(Tech L211) Christopher Murray "Nanocrystal design and self-assembly in service of heterogeneous catalysis" - University of Pennsylvania 
Host: Mark Hersam 

January 21, 2020: Joe Schlenoff "Saloplastics: Processing Polyelectrolyte Complexes with Salt Water" - Florida State University  
Host: Ken Shull

Janaury 28, 2020: Kristin Persson "The Era of Data-driven Materials Innovation and Design" - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
Hosts: Christopher Wolverton and Monica Olvera de la Cruz

February 4, 2020: Elif Ertekin "Patterns in disorder: theory and computation guided prediction of functional properties in complex materials configuration spaces"- University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 
Host: Lincoln Lauhon 

February 11, 2020: Gang Chen "Understanding and Engineering Electron and Phonon Transport in Thermal and Thermoelectric Materials" - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Hosts: Chris Wolverton and Jeff Snyder 

March 10, 2020: Jose Mendoza-Cortes "Materials by Design: First-Principles for Energy Storage"- Florida State University 
Host: David Dunand and Sossina Haile  

Fall 2019

October 8, 2019: Ritesh Agarwal "Controlling Light Matter Interactions in Two-dimensional Layered Materials with Conventional and Topological Band Structures" - University of Pennsylvania 
Host: Lincoln Lauhon 

October 16, 2019: Anna Grassellino "State of the art in Superconducting Radio Frequency Technology: from accelerators to quantum" - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 
Host: David Seidman 

October 22, 2019: Lois Pollack "Ions and proteins: the essential partners that fold RNA and DNA" - Cornell University 
Hosts: Monica Olvera de la Cruz and Michael Bedzyk 

October 29, 2019 - Dorn Lecture: Nicola Spaldin "From Materials to Cosmology: Studying the early universe under the microscope." - ETH Zurich 
Host: James Rondinelli 

November 5, 2019 - Dow Lecture: Andrea Liu "Exploiting the Malleability of Disorder to Design Functional Materials" - University of Pennsylvania 
Hosts: Erik Luijten and Monica Olvera de la Cruz 

November 12, 2019: Eric Toberer "Accelerating thermoelectric materials discovery - Uniting experiment and computation" - Colorado School of Mines 
Host: James Rondinelli and Jeff Snyder 

November 19, 2019: Eranda Nikolla "Controlling Oxygen Electrocatalysis using Nanostructured Mixed-Metal Oxides for Energy Storage/Generation" - Wayne State University
Hosts: Scott Barnett and Sossina Haile 


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