Past DEI Committee Members

2020-21 DEI Committee

The inaugural MSE DEIC was comprised of 4 faculty representatives, 2 graduate student representatives, 1 undergraduate student representative, 1 researcher representative, and 1 administrative staff representative.

2021-22 DEI Committee

Photo of Sossina Haile

Sossina Haile

Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor of Applied Physics

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Committee Chair
Photo of Jonathan Emery

Jonathan Emery

Associate Professor of Instruction

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Faculty Representative
Photo of Mark Hersam

Mark Hersam

Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chemistry

Director, Materials Research Science and Engineering (MRSEC)

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Faculty Representative
Photo of Derk Joester

Derk Joester

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

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Faculty Representative
Photo of Paul Brown

Paul Brown

McCormick Student

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Undergraduate Representative
Photo of Julia Downing

Julia Downing

McCormick Student

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Graduate Representative
Photo of Ramya Gurunathan

Ramya Gurunathan

McCormick Student

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Graduate Representative
Photo of Elena Lindstrom

Elena Lindstrom

McCormick Staff

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Administrative Staff Representative
Photo of Vinod Sangwan

Vinod Sangwan

Research Associate Professor

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Researcher Representative