Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Committee Charge

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) is a standing committee within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering composed of faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and students, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. As articulated in the MSE department DEI statement, we are committed to promoting the values of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

The purpose of this Committee is to guide the Department’s efforts to enhance diversity across all of its communities. In pursuit of this goal, the Committee will work with existing Departmental Committees to ensure that the Departmental DEI mission is reflected in the actions of those committees and the outcomes they generate. The Committee will report its findings on departmental progress towards DEI goals to the MSE community on a regular, at least annual, basis. The committee will also engage with other organizations across campus to provide information regarding best practices to those within the department and by working with such organizations leverage efforts for maximum mutual benefit.

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Committee Members

Photo of Derk Joester

Derk Joester

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

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Tenure Line Faculty Representative and Committee Chair
Photo of Cécile Chazot

Cécile Chazot

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Julia Weertman Professor in Materials Science and Engineering

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Tenure Line Faculty Representative
Photo of Bryan  Villalpando

Bryan  Villalpando

Undergraduate Representative

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Photo of Zek Kelly

Zek Kelly

PhD Student Representative

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Photo of Ethan Suwandi

Ethan Suwandi

PhD Student Representative

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Photo of Sharlene Andrewin

Sharlene Andrewin

Staff Representative

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Photo of Hui Li

Hui Li

Researchers Representative

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