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GEN_ENG 395: Special Topics in Engineering - Knight Lab

Quarter Offered


Instructor Consent Required


Each quarter, multidisciplinary teams of students, faculty, and professionals come together to collaborate in the Knight Lab to produce cutting-edge digital work, research, thought—innovating across every part of the media-making process. The Student Lab places students from across the university together on teams to work on an important problem for the future of media, rapidly moving beyond conversation and hypothesis to well-reasoned action during the quarter. Each project is scoped for a single quarter but students are encouraged to join the lab for multiple quarters. Students will work closely with faculty and professional mentors along the way. Our process combines research, design thinking, programming, user testing, critical and analytical work, storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and experimentation—often within the confines of a single, specific problem. Come to learn, experiment, and create the future of media with us.